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    Well yeah, that’s normal! See, every person has both their lovely parts and their awful, annoying, mean parts. That’s just human nature. So befriending someone means accepting both the bad and the good. That’s what I like to think, anyway.

    Well, take your mother = you love her, no matter what? And still I guess some times she’s annoying you and you see bad points about her. Still, you love her. Being annoyed by some points, some flaws, it’s normal. It doesn’t stop to love anyway!

    unfortunately, it’s not as simple as “annoying things” that your friends do or think that you can just wave off. that i suppose i can understand. the issue that brought this on is different.

    i have a former friend that i contacted last night for a certain reason and after a bit of talk she told me she sees “those kinds of “illnesses” ” (aka mental) as just an excuse for special attention. furthermore, that “stuff like ADD/AHDH” was just people being weak. that it DIDN’T EXIST. that breakdowns don’t exist, just that weak people aren’t strong. basically, she was telling me that she thought i was a weak person who only wants attention. 

    this isn’t a small thing to think about someone, is it? how can you WANT (from her point of view) to be friends with someone you think so lowly of? this is what i don’t understand.

    1. coroebus said: Gosh, well that’s totally different— if she knows about your condition and still says that, then she’s just being a hateful bully and not a friend at all. If she doesn’t, then maybe it’s not so bad but she’s got a lot of learninating to do!
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