1. i have a question, since i really don’t understand. mom told me that it’s because i have very extreme black and white thinking so i can’t comprehend it, and that’s true, i’m just curious

    how can you want to be friends with someone and want them around you if you have bad opinions of them? if you think they are weak and just attention-seeking?

    shouldn’t you be repulsed by such a person? shouldn’t they be considered “bad”? 

    i don’t understand maintaining a low opinion of someone but still feeling positiveness towards them.

    i really.



    when i get extreme BLACK thinking when someone hurts me, i want them out of my life immediately. when i think they’re a bad person or when they disappoint me, i hate them, loathe them, want to get rid of them. even if they’re my friend. yes, i get moods like this, and often at that. they go away and i go back to loving the person, adoring them, being in contact etc but it’s because i no longer have low opinions of them.

    i don’t understand having both. i don’t understand having both a low opinion of someone and still liking them. 

    i just don’t.

    is it really normal? mom told me that it’s completely normal but i can’t understand because the way i think is in extremes that don’t mix…

    1. azorahai-reborn said: Yes, it’s normal. Friendship (and love too, as my gran says) is about accepting the good and the bad in a person and deciding if you can live with their flaws. And maybe help them be as good as you know they can be.
    2. coroebus said: Well yeah, that’s normal! See, every person has both their lovely parts and their awful, annoying, mean parts. That’s just human nature. So befriending someone means accepting both the bad and the good. That’s what I like to think, anyway.
    3. skyecrystal said: Well, take your mother = you love her, no matter what? And still I guess some times she’s annoying you and you see bad points about her. Still, you love her. Being annoyed by some points, some flaws, it’s normal. It doesn’t stop to love anyway!
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